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Coaching Clinics

The Youth Basketball Coaches Association designed the online certification course as a FREE program to assist non-profit organizations that lack the funding to pay for extensive coach education programs.

The YBCA conducts the Level I certification course as an on-court coaching clinic for organizations that prefer a live clinic. The on-court clinic requires a small fee. Costs depend on the numbers and location.

The YBCA Level II

The YBCA Level II certification course includes an on-court clinic. The YBCA will offer the Level II course starting in early 2010.

To start the Level I course, please click on one of the sections below. To schedule, an on-court Level I clinic for your organization, please contact the YBCA.

Level I Coaching Course

  1. The Youth Player
  2. The Youth Coach
  3. Practice
  4. Skill Development
  5. The Game
  6. YBCA Level I Certification Test