November 2, 2009


When a shot is taken and misses it produces a rebound. The further that the shot attempt is from the basket, the longer the rebound will be.

Defensive Rebounding

  • Defensive advantage is positioning – if in good defensive position, the defender should be on the inside (closer to the basket) of the offensive player.
  • Defensive rebounding relies on positioning, toughness, physicality, teamwork and creating and maintaining contact.
  • Rebounding is not just for big players – if a big player does a great job boxing out a great offensive rebounder, the guards must come back and help rebound.
  • The best rebounders are not necessarily those who get the most rebounds. The best rebounders are those whose team gets the highest percentage of rebounds in their area.
  • On the shot, make contact with the offensive player.
  • Near the basket, the defender must make contact and create additional space to prevent the ball from going over his head. The deeper the shot, the longer the rebound.
  • Move to the offensive player and stop his forward momentum.
  • To box out, make contact with a forearm to the chest and pivot to put your butt on the offensive player’s knee. Keep hands high and push backward to create more space.
  • Further from the basket, make contact with the offensive player and then go get the ball.
  • Be careful boxing out the shooter – wait until the shooter lands before making contact.

Offensive Rebounding

  • Offensive advantage is anticipation – the offensive player can watch the flight of the ball while the defender tries to find someone to block out and takes his eyes off the ball.
  • Offensive rebounding is more about quickness, anticipation and finding space.
  • As a defender tries to make contact to box out, create space and move against the defender’s momentum.
  • Close to the basket, box out the defender to create more space. If possible, push the defender under the basket or behind the backboard to give you more space to grab the rebound.
  • Read the flight of the ball and beat the defender to the ball.

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