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  • Dear Brian

    I came across your website, as im searching for basic coaching certificate for grades 5-12 (10-17 y.o.)
    Im living in Oman for 18 years, where generally sports are very bad developed. I have played professionally basketball in my country in Slovakia – Slovan Bratislava for 11 years and 1 year professional league in Israel. It was in 1991.
    Now I would like to coach school girls, as my daughter is really crazy about basketball but there are no hardly clubs here in Oman. I just need some basic certificate to be allowed to practice the girls…Do you know any certification which I can do online? Its not for professional league but Oman needs this certificate, even if its just practicing.

    I found on FIBA website – but its certificate for Managing the basketball Club. And I cant travel abroad as my situation is not allowing me to.

    Thanks a lot if any advise possible to get. from you.

    Kind regards


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