The chaos theory in basketball

During the Sloan conference this weekend, I saw tweets referencing George Karl and Jeff Van Gundy referencing chaos in basketball. I tried to find out more information about what was said, but the best was this small article by Curtis Harris that doesn’t explain in any depth the concept of chaos from the conference. […]

Coaching Frosh Basketball 2.0 – Week 7

This was kind of a wasted week. Monday was the football banquet, so we had only seven players at practice, roughly half of the team. Then we played two games. We practiced once after the games, though we don’t play again until January 7th, and then we went into the moratorium where we are not allowed to do anything for five days.


Coaching Frosh Basketball 2.0 – Week 2

This was our first week with the team. Rather than immediately focus on team specifics, the focus remained on general skills, especially shooting, finishing and transition play. Unfortunately, our finishing and shooting has not transferred to scrimmages thus far, so scrimmages take too long to complete. […]

Perimeter Spacing Principles with Dribble Penetration

The video is a combination of two drills from 180 Shooter and Developing Basketball Intelligence: String Shooting Drill and Spurs Shooting Drill. More importantly, the drills teach basic spacing principles in relation to dribble penetration by a teammate. This was the final progression of these drills, and we moved quickly to the final progression because the players wanted to cheat: They moved on the pass rather than waiting to see the direction of the player’s drive. […]

Teaching the Overlooked Skills

An ESPN ScortsCenter’s top play last night was this goal by FC Bayern’s Thomas Mueller’s goal: Watch the goal again. Everyone notices the skill of the shot. It is an amazing strike with an incredible degree of difficulty. However, the goal is only possible because of what Mueller does before beginning his strike while the Read more about Teaching the Overlooked Skills[…]

Right-Brain Thinking Against Zones

This article originally appeared in Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletter 4.5. Zones stymie many teams and players. Generally, teams and players who attack man2man defenses stand around and play passively against zone defenses. There is no real reason to explain the passivity. Zones require a different strategy than man2man, but good defenses combine man-defense and zone Read more about Right-Brain Thinking Against Zones[…]

Thinking Out Loud: Two Thoughts about Youth Basketball

I played in an old junior high school gym this week. It is easy to forget how small those courts are. The major change from youth basketball to the NBA is the length and width of the court. Most of the rules and other measurements (basket height, free throw line) remain the same, but the Read more about Thinking Out Loud: Two Thoughts about Youth Basketball[…]