Offseason Training Improvement

Due to my schedule and the team’s schedule, we did our pre-regular season testing this week. These tests measured improvement since our baseline testing, roughly five weeks ago. In addition to basketball workouts, the team has trained four times per week: two times per week in the weight room and two days of conditioning. No workout has taken more than one hour from start to finish. If we had more equipment, the workouts would be closer to 45 minutes, but we are limited by the number of plyo boxes, medicine balls, squat racks, etc. We have had only one workout that included more than a mile of running in total volume; almost every conditioning workout was between 1200m-1600m of sprints, with no effort longer than a 100m sprint. […]

Movement Skills and Injury Prevention

Originally published in Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletter 5.22

Preventing or limiting injuries is one of the primary goals of strength and sports coaches. When a player is injured, he or she cannot help the team. The problem is often the lack of sophisticated, practical knowledge in terms of evaluating movement that can help spot a potential injury before it becomes a reality. […]