My 2014 Reading List

Inspired by Vern Gambetta, I decided to put together a link of the relevant books that I read throughout 2014. Because I spent the first half of the year making five-hour bus trips for games nearly every Saturday, I had a chance to read a decent number of books this year (although nothing like Coach Gambetta), many of which contributed to my free weekly newsletter. The list is loosely in the order in which I recommend the books to a coach, although everyone’s interests differ. Enjoy. […]

Coaching or Training?

Vern Gambetta has a post titled “Are you coaching them or training them?” Gambetta wrote: Those who are training the athletes are counting reps, looking at the stopwatch and shouting out times. Those who are coaching are closely observing the athlete, commenting on technique, encouraging and correcting. You can teach a anyone to yell out times Read more about Coaching or Training?[…]