August 9, 2009


The Youth Basketball Coaches Association mission is simple:

Provide a comprehensive, easy-to-use coaching education program for youth coaches working with players from 8 – 14-years-old.

The YBCA defines success in two ways:

  1. Developmentally: Creating an environment which leads to more skilled, global players.
  2. Recreationally: Creating a more positive, encouraging experience for ALL players.

We target coaches because the coach has a direct impact on the experience of each player in a league, within an organization or on a team.

lil dribblerThe YBCA program works with coaches in three ways:

  1. A FREE coaching course that covers basic basketball skills and coaching concepts and leads to a Level I certification.
  2. A FREE coaching forum for coaches to post questions or seek assistance from other or more experienced coaches.
  3. A site filled with coaching resources and additional information, including additional certification courses, clinics, books, DVDs and more.

The curriculum outlines information and tools to improve coaching effectiveness. Some information centers on the HOW of coaching: communication strategies, learning techniques and types of practice. Other information focuses on the WHAT: the basic fundamentals and technique that every player must develop to improve and continue playing competitively.

Through helping coaches and partnering with different organizations, we believe these coaches will create a better experience for their players, and slowly we can help local organizations and coaches create a better overall youth basketball system focused on fun, learning, development and the spirit of competition, not just wins and losses.

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