Tyreke Evans’ Game-Winning Stride-Stop Fade Away

Last week, the Sacramento Kings’ Tyreke Evans hit another game-winning shot, this time against the Denver Nuggets. In this case, he attacked Denver’s Kenyon Martin with his left hand, stopped and hit a fade-away shot.

I teach this finishing move. However, rather than shoot the fade away, we make the front pivot into a hook shot. The counter is to pivot, fake the hook shot and step through for a lay-up.

Unfortunately, some officials call this move a travel because few players use this footwork – it looks like a travel. However, this is a great way to finish for smaller players because they stop and pivot away from the defender as the defender’s momentum moves him further from the ball.

H2G Vol.4 Front CoverOriginally published in Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletter, Volume 4.

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