What is a Player’s Coach?

In the media, on fan message forums and twitter, and in conversations in gyms across the country, many feel that this generation of players need a more player-friendly coach. This term is thrown out frequently, but rarely defined. What is a player-friendly coach? Essentially, what do players want from a coach? […]

Player Development and Information Overload

Today’s Los Angeles Times features an article about promising young center DeAndre Jordan and his growing frustration. As starting center Chris Kaman explains: “He’s got pretty solid hands and he’s aggressive. The thing I really like is his heart,” Kaman said. “He’s just a good guy. That’s gonna help him in the long run. He Read more about Player Development and Information Overload[…]

The Blame Game: Coaching and Players

On Slam, Clay Kallam wrote about C. Vivian Stringer and the struggles of the Rutgers University’s Women’s Basketball team this season. While I do not follow Rutgers closely, I have followed the stories because of two popular and well-publicized Southern California players, Jasmine Dixon (now at UCLA) and Nikki Speed. Kallam criticizes Stringer (and by extension Read more about The Blame Game: Coaching and Players[…]

Coaching & Leadership

In an article titled “Social Intelligence and the Biology of Leadership” in the Harvard Business Review, Daniel Goleman and Richard Boyatzis introduce the idea of mirror neurons and their effect on leadership and communication. When we consciously or unconsciously detect someone else’s emotions through their actions, our mirror neurons reproduce those emotions. Collectively, these neurons Read more about Coaching & Leadership[…]

Basketball & Improv

In the December 2009 Los Angeles Magazine, Michael Mullen recounts his experiences learning improv comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade in Hollywood in an article titled “Get Me Outta Here!” During two passages, he captures the essence of great basketball as well: Improv…is about scenes and what is known as The Game. There’s a paradox Read more about Basketball & Improv[…]