Basketball & Improv

In the December 2009 Los Angeles Magazine, Michael Mullen recounts his experiences learning improv comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade in Hollywood in an article titled “Get Me Outta Here!” During two passages, he captures the essence of great basketball as well: Improv…is about scenes and what is known as The Game. There’s a paradox Read more about Basketball & Improv[…]

Youth Basketball Offenses: Principles, not Plays

Strength Coach Charles Staley’s newsletter refers to an article on Programming, which uses the example of different martial arts or fighting styles: Most Japanese and Korean styles of martial arts utilize a “technique-based” approach to self-defense. In other words, if your opponent throws a punch to your face, you defend with “technique A.” If he Read more about Youth Basketball Offenses: Principles, not Plays[…]

How to Develop Better Passing Skills

Passing is a two-way street: the passer and the receiver. Most attention is paid to the passer, but oftentimes the receiver’s role is even more important or the cause of the mistake or turnover. In Vol. 3, No. 41 of the Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletters, I write about two concepts that I picked up at Read more about How to Develop Better Passing Skills[…]