Basketball Practice, Mindful Learning and Player Development

I played at a big sports complex last night, and an elite club team practiced on the next court. The club regularly features high Division I recruits, and a trainer took the current players through a workout. For the first 45 minutes, they did conditioning drills. The high school season ended last weekend. Assuming these Read more about Basketball Practice, Mindful Learning and Player Development[…]

High School Basketball, Periodization & Player Development

The high school schedule is not designed to develop better basketball players. Intuitively, we have always known this: we lived by the adage, “Teams are made in the winter, players are made during the summer.” However, somewhere we lost sight of the difference between competition and training. I coach some relatively inexperienced high school players. Read more about High School Basketball, Periodization & Player Development[…]

Sneaker Wars and Basketball Development

Published previously as individual posts on an earlier version of my blog. Part I: Shoe Companies and their influence on basketball Nike, adidas and Reebok run the youth basketball development system in the United States, and the players and basketball suffer. “The players are better than ever,” says legendary hoops junkie Howard Garfinkel, watching from Read more about Sneaker Wars and Basketball Development[…]