Why Basketball Is Better Than Soccer? – 2024 Ultimate Comparison

Why Basketball Is Better Than Soccer?

All sports aren’t superior to each other. In my mind, even the kids and the elder ones play football internationally, while Basketball can be played in a certain place.

Football has several Leagues from different nations such as Premier League, Laliga, Seria-A, Bundesliga. And, playing the game made people all over the world. Only certain NBA teams play the game of Basketball.

The English and the American have also had some amicable rivalry. They’re making fun of us for getting crappy teeth, being really posh, and possessing funny accents, and for Vietnam, we’re making fun of them, dubious gun law, and their funny accents.

The preferences about athletics are therefore somewhat specific. The USA loves soccer, football, and baseball, while Limeys likes hockey, rugby, and cricket a little bit.

Basketball vs Soccer

Any people reading this may assume that the content of this article implies that I’m a liar and should be shunned by my nation and fellow countrymen, but I’m just going by what I see, and I see that the Yanks have got it right when it comes to what sports rules the roost and that’s why.

NBA vs. The Premier League

Why Basketball Is Better Than Soccer

The NBA is the world’s top basketball league. The world’s top football league is the British Premier League, let’s make those distinctions.

During the season the BPL has 38 games with each team playing twice for each other’s side; home and away. The NBA has 82 regular-season games in which each team plays at least twice every other team, AND the NBA has the playoffs where a team will play an extra 28 games.

That’s one hundred and 110 games a year that a follower of the NBA might theoretically see their side. It’s a real rarity during the season when there’s no NBA basketball going. It’s once a week in the BPL.


It is by far my biggest critique of soccer; the same teams are competing over and over again, and nobody else can really get a glance at them without any major circumstances or shift in scenery. Take the Premier League, for example; there have only been 6 separate championship winners since the first season in 1992-93.

In sports, only making capital is the best way to succeed. All the big clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and PSG are the strongest because they have the money to buy the world’s best players and stay on top.

There are loops in the NBA with the draft system and salary cap of who’s on top and who isn’t. Teams can acquire/draft good players and progress soon results, but then they usually fall off over a period of time, allowing new teams to come along and compete.



Soccer and Basketball are physically intensive activities, but there is no doubt that a much higher level of Basketball is being played.

In soccer, when the back four move it around at the start of an assault there is a lot of soft action and nobody likes to see that. Any possession is crucial in Basketball, and the ever-looming presence of the expiring shot clock ensures that something still occurs.

The basketball game is so back and forth that it never has a dull moment. You’re playing defense for one minute and the next you’re sprinting up the court hoping to get an easy score on the jump, and hurling back to try to avoid the attacker doing the same.

If you are an opponent in soccer and your side is defending, so chances are you are on the halfway line hoping you won’t lose. Every player in Basketball is expected to turn on and devote 100 percent of the time.

The Athletes

This one would go without saying; in every soccer league in the NBA, the elite player is miles ahead of the worst competitor. The maximum height in the NBA is about 6 feet 7, the total height for the highest player in the Uk Premier League is only around 6 feet 1 inch.

NBA players are incredible athletic artifacts whose combination of stature, power, agility, and flexibility is unrivaled worldwide. Let’s take LeBron James, the NBA’s best player, and weigh him against Cristiano Ronaldo, the best football player. Both players are amazing and, thanks a lot to what they can do physically during a game, surpass their respective sport.

Ronaldo was quicker than LeBron in his youth, FIFA and LeBron recorded Ronaldo running 21 mph; its peak reported speed is 20.4 mph, but LeBron’s massive gap in size and power simply sweeps Ronaldo aside. LeBron is approximately 6 foot 8 and 250 pounds, Ronaldo is only 6 foot 1 and just only 180 pounds.

Why Basketball Is Better Than Soccer

LeBron has a maximum jump of 40 centimeters, with Ronaldo projected to have a jump of 36 centimeters. All players are really quick, but he gets the nod there regardless of Ronaldo’s smaller size. This wouldn’t really be a match for power-wise, and both teams do have outstanding endurance.


All competitive sports for me would be in contact. You’re supposed to be a world-class competitor with many great athletes going head to head to see who’s the greatest.

Male superiority is key to physical strength, and you can seek to out-muscle everyone you can. There is a massive tradition of diving in soccer which has been so dangerous that it is literally revolting.

Players write down on the field as they’ve just been fired when it was just a scratch on their leg in fact. Not all soccer is like this thanking god, and it is worth praising those who support resilience and honesty. There is flopping in the NBA, which is disgusting, but there are rare and far from events.

Final Words

If you’re a fan, this system makes it exciting. If you are a fan of Werder Bremen in the German Bundesliga, then there is no hope that you will defeat Bayern Munich who won the last 5 titles and that will continue as long as they have the money to continue recruiting world-class talent. As for the players in Bayern Munich, each successive championship needs to mean less and less, and it’s not worth the same.

Yeah, I enjoy all sports, and to the day I die I will be an Arsenal fan, but Basketball is just stronger. I’m not suggesting soccer is terrible, but I’ll take every day of the week to watch LeBron James over Ronaldo or Messi.